Ultimate People-oriented Constitution

The socialist constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the ultimate people-oriented one for workers, farmers, soldiers and intellectuals. One day in March, Juche 62(1973), a leading official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received a phone call from President Kim Il Sung. Talking about offering our socialist constitution to other countries for reference, the President acknowledged that the socialist constitution was well-established. Then, the President informed him that it was being studied even at a university in a capitalist country. The following fact shows what great sensations our socialist constitution caused throughout the world. In a forum on our socialist constitution that was held at the proposition of the personages of the political parties and women organizations in a hostile country, a lady figure was unsparing in her praise. She said, “The socialist constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is very specific in the description of every detail, and unlike those of other countries, it enables the working masses to take part in the socialist construction with attitude of masters. In every chapter and every article of this superior constitution are fully embodied the Juche philosophy of President Kim Il Sung, who clarified that man is the master of everything.” However, nobody in the world including her is aware of the emotional story that our President gave detailed instructions even on a single provision and a single expression of the draft constitution of over 100 provisions to make it people-oriented.