On the First Sunday in December

On the first Sunday in December when the year Juche 100(2011) was coming to an end, Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected the Amusement Park of Kaeson Youth Park built for cultural recreation of the people. Going round the different places of the amusement park built in line with a modern taste, he learnt in detail about the management and operation. Then, he told the accompanying officials to try the machines in order to check on the operation. When they were thrilled that the rotary machines going sharply up and down swept their fatigue away, the Chairman carried a broad smile on his face as if he was hearing the happy laughter of the people. That day, he gave precious instructions on the issues of supplying the service facilities in the amusement park with enough raw materials for their effective operation and of scrupulously managing and operating the amusement park so that people would enjoy themselves without feeling any slight inconvenience.