Spring Water the Chairman Tasted in Person

One day in January, Juche 100(2011), Chairman Kim Jong Il paid a visit to the Ryongaksan Spring Water Factory situated at the foot of picturesque Mt. Ryongak. Looking attentively at the analysis table with the officials’ explanations, the Chairman was very satisfied with the fact that Ryongaksan spring water has the right amount of selenium and fluorine beneficial to health, whereas other world-famous do not. Presently, the Chairman looked around the production line. He tasted in person the spring water produced there to estimate the quality. The officials were deeply moved. They experienced once again his passionate love for the people when the Chairman even bothered to taste water for promoting the people’s health in the teeth of the intense cold. After a while, the Chairman appreciated the taste of the water, highly praising the scientists and the officials and workers of the factory for discovering the sources of a large quantity of water of a high quality in the place which had been called Wollo-ri (literally meaning many macrobians thanks to its quality water from olden times), and for setting up the modern factory to supply the citizens of the capital with processed spring water.