2022, Year of Victory of Virtues and Beautiful Traits

This year, virtues and traits unique to our society were given fuller display than ever before. 2022 is the year embroidered with virtues and beautiful traits of valuing, taking care of and helping one another. Since its founding, our state has successfully coped with all kinds of hardships, but it is the very first time to face such a dangerous situation where tens of millions of lives were directly threatened by the inroads of the malignant virus and the rhythm of normal work and life were destroyed. At the beginning of the activation of the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that the virtues and feelings of helping and taking care of each other which prevails our society in any difficulties are the key to and guarantee for the great victory in the epidemic prevention campaign which is more powerful than any latest medical technologies, calling upon all the Party organizations to scrupulously conduct the organizational and political work so that our best communist virtue and beautiful traits, which no one on earth can possess or imitate, are given fuller display in the present difficult and rigorous epidemic prevention campaign. The victory in the anti-epidemic campaign we achieved this year is never a fruition of our conditions and foundations better than others. The tenderness and human feelings such as the beautiful deeds of the employees and officials of some factories who worked day and night to provide medicines and foodstuffs to those suffering from the malignant epidemic, the people who unsparingly spent their family property to prepare goods necessary for those in hostels, students' dormitories, orphanages and baby homes, and those who selflessly shared food grains, subsidiary foodstuffs and daily necessities with the needy families and neighbours were elixirs of life. Thinking of comrades, neighbours and the collective before oneself and devoting one's all for them despite one's own hunger – even unthinkable without this world of beautiful virtues and traits is a miraculous victory to be specially recorded in the world health history. At this time, too, many countries suffer from the inroads and spread of the malignant virus. The reality clearly demonstrates the superiority and might of our state where the whole country moves as one united in one mind and one will behind the Party and government and tenderness and human feeling based on collectivism are a national trait. This year our people gave a fuller play to virtues and traits of dedicating their all unsparingly to the sake of the society and the collective. The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un settled the production and supply of school uniforms and things at the state’s expense as a consistent policy of the Party and state, saying that he would be relieved of a great anxiety when all our students wear new uniforms. Impressed by his love for the younger generation, the officials and working people in many institutions and units, and inhabitants took an active part in the support to the production units of school uniforms and bags. This year, beautiful deeds of respecting and supporting war veterans and honoured disabled ex-soldiers as precious revolutionary forerunners and comrades were more fully displayed, too. Along with the increase in beautiful deeds of taking care of them with all sincerity like their own sons and daughters, the spirit of defending the country of the 1950s is being passed down to the younger generations and the war veterans keep the flower of the revolution in bloom. This year has proved once again that the virtues and traits of our society that come in fuller bloom in manifold trials and hardships rather than being destroyed or perished are the eternal life-giving water of the large socialist family and the immortal true picture of Juche Korea that no one can create or imitate.