Fur Cap Stuff Delivered as a Souvenir

At the beginning of January, Juche 63(1974), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a farm in Unchon County. While having a talking with the farmers, the Chairman happened to gaze at the appearance of the farmer whom he met a year before. The Chairman was worried that he had neither an overcoat nor a winter cap on. The Chairman asked him why not. He replied that he had left his overcoat because he was on his way to a meeting, and that he was so full of youthful vigour that he had never had a winter cap yet. Staring at the farmer for a while, the Chairman called an accompanying official and gave him some instructions. After some time, the official returned with stuff for a fur cap. The Chairman gave it to the farmer, telling him to make a winter cap for himself. The farmer was so confused and grateful that he was at a loss what to do with himself. The Chairman persuaded him to accept it as a souvenir of meeting twice in the country, saying that only then he would be pleased. The farmer was so choked with emotions that hot tears were running down silently from his eyes. The Chairman was such a benevolent person.