Story Associated With Manbok Flower

A few years ago, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un looked at the photo of a flower which was being cultivated in the Pyongyang Floriculture Institute. The flower which belongs to Cymbidium, orchid family, was associated with a really unforgettable story. In March, Juche 100 (2011), Chairman Kim Jong Il had visited the institute, where he made a promise of love to name the newly-bred Cymbidium hybridum when it produced a bloom. Subsequently, the officials and scientists at the institute, with ardent yearning for him, grew countless flowers in full bloom and politely made a report to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, wishing him to name it. Looking at the photo in a deep recollection of the unforgettable story, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un wrote down a name “Manbok flower” (literally means ‘all happiness’) in his autograph saying that it was really beautiful. “Manbok flower” reflects his grand intention to bring all kinds of happiness of the world to our people, who Chairman Kim Jong Il had loved so much.