Uprooted Pillars

One day in March, Juche 74 (1985), when Changgwang Street was under construction in its second stage, Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the construction site. While learning in detail about the actual state of the housing construction, he came to know from the report of one of the officials that a garage was going to be built in the residential area. Looking at a newly-built folding screen-shaped high-rise apartment building, the Chairman asked how many flats it had. When he heard that it had 800 flats, the Chairman estimated that there would be more than 2 000 children. Then, he showed his anxiety that they would find nowhere to play if a garage is built behind the apartment building. He continued that the site of the garage under construction should be changed into an extensive playground for children. One of the officials disclosed his intention of proceeding with the building of the garage in progress and making a nice playground between the apartment building and the garage instead. Then, saying with a smile that the official must be reluctant to have the erected pillars pulled out, the Chairman instructed that there should be a garden and a park behind the apartment building so that all the children would play away from the street, and that all the concrete pillars should be uprooted for preparation of a broad playground for children. Later, the pillars for the garage were all removed, and our children, the pillars of the country, were able to play to their heart’s content on the playground built on the site of the garage.