Saying that It Was Real Commemoration

One day in March, Juche 102 (2013), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was guiding the landing and anti-landing drill of the units of the Korean People’s Army when he personally set a fire position beside himself for the artillery women of the multiple rocket launcher of a sub-unit and pointed a target at a moment’s notice, and ordered them to smash it. Noting that he gave situations at short notice every time he inspected military units, he said that it is because today’s drill is directly connected with tomorrow’s combat. At his order, the artillery women promptly took their fire position with redoubled courage and confidence, and accurately hit and annihilated the target. He shook every hand of them and praised them for perfectly carrying out their sudden mission, saying that they were real crackshots. Then, he had a souvenir photograph taken with all of them saying that it was real commemoration. That is how a picture of love was taken on the training ground clouded with gunpowder smoke.