Ideal Place for Learning

It was one day in August, Juche 51 (1962) when Comrade Kim Jong Il was conducting revolutionary activities at Kim Il Sung University. Sitting together with some students, he gave precious instructions that Mt Paektu is the sacred mountain of revolution associated with the revolutionary history of President Kim Il Sung. That day Comrade Kim Jong Il spoke highly of the students who had reached Mt. Paektu walking along Kapsan-Musan Guard Road from Pochonbo. He told them that any revolutionary of our times should be aware of Mt. Paektu and learn from the revolutionary spirit of Paektu, and that in the past Mt. Paektu was a beacon of hopes for our people and at present it is an ideal place for grasping the firm foundations of our revolution, stressing that the visit they had made was not a mere visit but a meaningful study tour for acquiring the revolutionary spirit of Paektu.