Our Beautiful Motherland

In the early months of Juche 17 (1928), Comrade Kim Il Sung was working heart and soul to implant the soul of Korea in the hearts of youth and children in Fusong. During those days, he personally wrote a poem and set it to music. He gave it a title “Song of Korea”. An immortal classic work “Song of Korea”, which was subsequently carried in a newspaper “Saenal”, spread far and wide instilling the feeling of love for the country and revolutionary optimism into the minds of youth and children and people. Every line and tune of “Song of Korea” expresses the beauty of our motherland, a tapestry-like land of three-thousand ri, which has been called Joson from olden times since it was known as the land of the morning calm, and the pride in our nation with rich natural resources and a time-honoured history and culture. As described in the song, our motherland was, for him, by far the most beautiful country comparable to nothing else in the world and the most valuable entity that we should glorify forever by ourselves. Comrade Kim Il Sung was indeed a peerless patriot who had noble intention as early as in his teens to restore and glorify to the world our beautiful country good to live in by the efforts of our people only.