Meal on the Road

When he was inspecting the field training ground of a unit of the Korean People’s Army one day, Chairman Kim Jong Il dropped in at the field kitchen. It was about lunchtime, so the kitchen cart was giving out hot steam and the soldiers on the cook’s duty were busy preparing lunch. The Chairman took a look one by one at the dishes prepared for soldiers and at the pile of various kinds of foodstuffs on the cooking board. Then, he strode onto the cart and opened the pot lids one after another, saying that he wanted to see what soup was ready for the soldiers. After a while, the Chairman suggested leaving as it was time for the soldiers to have lunch. After some time of his journey, he asked the driver to pull the car to the roadside for lunch. What was waiting for him was little more than a glass of water and a rice-ball. With a broad smile on his face, the Chairman told the officials that he found himself even before his simple roadside lunch happy at the fact that the soldiers were enjoying a square meal with warm boiled rice and meat soup even in the period of field training.