Pushing a Trolley in Person

It was one day several years ago when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited a shop in Pyongyang City. Going round the different places of the shop, he was acquainting himself in detail with the management and service, when he personally entered a goods display section with a shopping trolley. When one of the officials hurried towards him to push it along instead, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un told him that he was going to carry some biscuits in the trolley, which brought a smile to the faces of the accompanying officials. Even then, however, they never knew why he bothered to do so in person. The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un pushed the trolley around between the shelves stacked with goods so as to fully examine whether shoppers might feel any inconvenience or not. At last, the officials came to realize his intention. Looking up to the benevolent image of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who shows a meticulous concern to ensure their service activities flawless, they were really impressed.