Jo May 9, 2019

Players of Kim Chaek University of Technology acquitted themselves well at the Mangyongdae Prize Games in Celebration of the Day of the Sun.

Ham Jong Hyok and Jang Hyok won the gold medals each in boxing A-class 65kg and 75kg category. Also Yun Kwang Song in boxing (junior class) 81-kg category, Ri Ik Hyon, in judo (junior class) 81kg category won the gold meals each.

In addition, Ri Tok Jin in boxing (A-class) 49kg category, Choe Kwang Won, Ryang Jun Chol, Kim Ho Ryong in boxing (junior class) 81kg, 91kg, 69kg categories, Ju Man Chol in athlete (junior class) 5 000m race took the second place each.

Furthermore, the woman volleyball players took the third place in the volleyball game junior class. Ri Kang Jin also took the third place in boxing A-class 64kg category.

This news encourages the staff and students of KUT greatly.