Kim Haeng son, teacher of College of Materials Science and Technology, received a benevolent birthday spread

Jo May 27, 2019

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un sent a benevolent birthday spread to Candidate Academician, Prof. and Dr. Kim Haeng Son, teacher of College of Material Science and Technology on his 70th birthday.

Kim Haeng Son has been a teacher and dean for about 44 years and explored 10-odd subjects including “Metal Materials Welding” and written twenty-odd kinds of textbooks, references and scientific papers to make a positive contribution to laying the sound academic foundation of the major field since he graduated from the university thanks to warm care of the Party. He has also trained dozens of holders of academic degree including doctors.

Upholding the Party’s idea of prioritizing science and technology, he has succeeded in reproducing the supporting roller of the grand rolling by means of deposit welding, and thus, received the thanks from Chairman Kim Jong Il and did a lot of researches with success arising in different aspects of the national economy to make a great contribution to the development of the national economy and science and technology. By doing so he was awarded a watch bearing the august name of Kim Il Sung and high official commendations and took part in the 13th National Meeting of Educationists and others.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un provided him with boundless affection and benevolence of sending a birthday spread on his 70th birthday in the pressure from work of his revolutionary leadership.

Kim Haeng Son and his family were too excited at the significant birthday spread sent by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un to hold tears and made a firm resolution to bear in their minds this honor and happiness in their whole lives and to devote everything to building a socialist powerful country.