Jo Apr 3, 2018

Marking a new academic year, a ceremony of teaching staff and students of Kim Chaek University of Technology took place on April 2 Juche 107(2018).

Prior to the meeting, the participants laid bouquets and baskets of flowers at the mosaic mural depicting President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and paid respects to them.

President Hong So Hon made an opening remark.

In the speech, he referred to the remarkable successes the lecturers, researchers and students made in education, scientific research and study in the previous academic year, true to the Party’s plan on bringing about a revolution in education in the new century.

In the previous academic year, educational contents were put on a practical, comprehensive and up-to-date level at a higher level as required by the knowledge economy era, many useful and superior teaching methods created, and material foundations for practical training laid, he said.

A number of lecturers, researchers and postgraduates successfully solved scientific and technological problems arising in different economic sectors and helping other universities and colleges introduce IT into education, winning the praise and appreciation of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un on more than 40 occasions and being honoured to have a photo session with him, he stated.

In those days, he noted, the university produced a lot of state prize winners including the best scientists of the DPRK in 2017 and the February 16 Science and Technology Prize winners, as well as academic degree and title holders while being awarded lots of certificates such as national patent certificate and certificate of registration of state sci-tech hits.

In the new academic year, all the lecturers and researchers, upholding the banner of self-development first, should constantly improve the content and methods of education and its quality as well in line with the developing trend of modern education by flaring up the fierce flames of radical improvement in education in the new century, thereby sprucing up its appearance as the world’s prestigious university and intensifying scientific research conducive to building up an economic giant and improving the people’s living standards, he added.

He called on all the students to hold high the study-first slogan so as to enrich their knowledge for breaking through the cutting edge amid the fierce flames of a campaign to overtake, model after and share experience, and resolutely thwart the imperialists’ moves for ideological and cultural infiltration with steadfast revolutionary and class principles.

Speeches were made by Hwang Jong Hyok, a first-grade student at the Materials Engineering Faculty, Yun Chol Min, a sixth-grade student at the Applied Mathematics Faculty, and Ri Kyong Chan, vice-rector for school affairs at the College of Mechanical Science and Technology.