Jo Feb 18, 2018

The teaching staff and students of Kim Chaek University of Technology held a variety of sports and amusement games to mark the Day of the Shining Star, a greatest national holiday.

The teaching staff of each unit competed in volleyball, table tennis and badminton from February 3 to 15. The final matches were played on February 15.

The College of Mechanical Science and Technology won volleyball and table tennis events by fully displaying the collective spirit and high techniques they had cultivated through mass sporting activities in the past.

In the tennis and badminton events, the IT Institute and Distance Education College took the first place respectively.

In the total rankings the College of Mechanical Science and Technology placed first, IT Institute finished runner-up and Distance Education College came third.

On February 16, students played various sports and amusement games, namely volleyball, running with balls in arms and returning to the turn blindfolded, at the university gym, heating up the festive mood.

In the games they demonstrated high sports skills, collective spirit, unity, and noble mental and moral traits.