Jo Apr 13, 2018

The teaching staff and students of Kim Chaek University of Technology visited the birthplace of President Kim Il Sung at Mangyongdae on April 11-12 Juche 107(2018) to mark the Day of the Sun, one of the greatest national holidays.

They laid bouquets and flowers at the graves of President Kim Il Sung’s grandfather Kim Po Hyon, grandmother Ri Po Ik, father Kim Hyong Jik and mother Kang Pan Sok and observed a moment’s silence with humble reverence for them.

And they visited the Mangyongdae Revolutionary Museum with immense yearning for the President, saviour of national resurrection and founder of socialist Korea. Looking at historic mementoes and materials which are preserved in their original state, they looked back upon the noble careers of the President who had devoted his lifetime to the country and people with his gifted ideological and theoretical intelligence, outstanding leadership ability and noble virtue, as well as of his revolutionary family members who had carried on the revolutionary and patriotic lineage generation after generation.

At the courtyard of a straw-thatched old home at Mangyongdae where the President was born and grown up to be a great revolutionary, they looked at historic relics showing the revolutionary life and lofty virtue of the President and his family members.