Jo Apr 11, 2023

Ryom Chol Ung, a researcher at the Faculty of Mining Engineering, has been adding sci-tech knowledge of cross-disciplinary sciences to physical beneficiation of minerals so as to help his students to get a deep knowledge about it by means of preparation and discussion.

First, he has enriched the teaching content with cross-disciplinary sciences.

For instance, ways and methods of optical separation of minerals by differences from optical spectrum, a branch of cross-disciplinary sciences, were added to gravity separation of minerals that attaches importance only to the differences in the density of minerals, while such cross-disciplinary knowledge as cryogenic temperature physics, magnetic fluid, etc. were to magnetic separation of minerals.

Second, he has made preparations oriented to the acquisition of cross-disciplinary knowledge.

For example, he gives preparation tasks of consulting international scientific journals on the ways and methods of beneficiation of different kinds of minerals so that the students come to know that if ultraviolet separation is combined in the preseparation of scheelite, they can avoid excess grinding and reduce the amount of beneficiation reagents by using the differences from an ultraviolet luminescent colour and in the falling velocity of mineral particles in air media.

Third, he has consolidated student’s cross-disciplinary knowledge through debates and discussions.

Students have had a wide knowledge of several branches of cross-disciplinary sciences through discussions and debates on their tasks ― modeling, setting boundary conditions and result analysis for motion characteristics of mineral particles in a jigger, for example.