Jo Jun 8, 2023

Pak Kwang Ok, a lecturer at the Faculty of Distance Education, has been giving importance to questions and answers in online lectures on “Insulant Production Engineering”, thus making remarkable achievements.

Her lectures are mainly based on two-way-exchange of knowledge between a teacher and students, not one-way transfer of knowledge from a teacher to students. In her lectures, students, as masters of learning, are able to think independently about problems and solutions to them, thus improving their independent faculties of learning, inquiry and presentation.

First, at the beginning of lectures, she associates new materials with what they have alrealy learnt in order to make it possible for them to draw the gist of a new lecture.

For example, in the lecture on synthesis of polyamide resin, she reminds them of the concept of a polyester resin so that students can easily understand what polyamide resin is.

Second, she raises problems for several occasions of teaching to make a question-and-answer session between a teacher and students, or students and students.

In the lecture on synthesis of polyester resin, for instance, she gives a practical discussion question “Which of the two methods of synthesis of PET resin is more advantageous and practical in terms of industrialization, directness or indirectness?” after explanation of production process of PET resin so as to make students have a discussion and present their discussion results.

In this course, students bring up their own questions that they found difficult to understand while working at factories, and find answers to them through discussions.

As mentioned above, she has been making her teaching more effective and raising her students’ practical abilities through question-and-answer sessions.