Jo Jul 28, 2018

The 4th National Foreign Language Competition for Technical University Students was held from July 23 to 26 at the University of Sciences, gathering more than 120 students from 50 universities and colleges throughout the country. Our university students demonstrated their ability to the full and won victory.

Jang Jong Ah in the 4th grade of Faculty of Industrial Economic Management excelled her rivals in theme presentation and conversation contests, and thus took the special grade. She also won the first place in comprehension and listening contests, finally winning the grand prix by all accounts in the individual ranking.

Kim Ju Song in the 4th grade of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics was applauded for his reading comprehension supported by versatile knowledge and rich emotion and took the 2nd place. Though being a student majoring in science, So Yong Ji in the 5th grade of the Faculty of Material Engineering surprised the audience with her good listening to those materials that others find difficult to catch up by only listening once and giving perfect answers. She got the 3rd place in the total individual ranking. Kim Hyok Jin in the 4th grade of College of Mechanical Science and Technology was highly praised in comprehension, listening, conversation and presentation contests and got the 3rd place.

By winning the 1st place for four successive times in this competition, the university enhanced his high prestige of a university good at foreign languages.