Jo Aug 1, 2018

A National Online English Competition for Technical University Students was held on July 31, gathering more than 800 students from over 60 universities and colleges throughout the country.

Unlike previous competitions for a small number of students, a large number of students, connected to the National Computer Network, competed online to ensure fairness, objectivity and accuracy. Direct appraisal system was introduced in grading so that test results could be graded simultaneously with the contest in an hour.

Various forms of problems were presented including multiple choices, true or false, finding correct answers, odd-one outs and matching to assess students’ English level through comprehension, listening, vocabulary and grammar on the common course book.

The 25 students from our university fully demonstrated their great abilities; ten of them took places from the 1st to the 10th among 800 odd students and the university became the top in more than 60 universities and colleges.

Chon Ye Jong in the 3rd grade of School of Information Science and Technology took the first place, Kim Chol Song in the 3rd grade of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, the 2nd place and Kim Ye Cho in the 3rd grade of School of Information Science and Technology, the 3rd place and thus contributed greatly to the university team’s victory.