Jo Sep 5, 2023

The Mausoleum of King Tongmyong is a tomb of King Tongmyong, the founder of the Koguryo dynasty, situated in Ryongsan ri, Ryokpho District.

The mausoleum was brought to the present site by the movement of the capital of Koguryo to Pyongyang in the fifth century.

It was rebuilt in May, Juche 82 (1993). It stands magnificently as if it was demonstrating the might of Koguryo, which was once a great power, as the mausoleum of the founder king.

It is a stone structure covered with earth facing the south. It has a huge pile of earth, which is 11.5 metres high.

On the four 34-metre-long sides of the bottom part is a platform built of properly faced stones. Around the tomb, some graveside structures are set up on the 5-metre-wide pavement of riverside gravels.

Before the tomb, several structures stand in good order as they were in the days of the Koguryo dynasty.

On the top floor in front of the tomb are a stone table, a stone lantern and two stone sculptures of tiger. Along the right and left sides stand sculptured figures of civil and military officers and their horses. A pair of stone posts and a stone stove are also found there.

Erected in the east on the lower floor are “Monument to Sage King Tongmyong, Founder of the Koguryo Dynasty” and “Historical Monument to Sage King Tongmyong, Founder of the Koguryo Dynasty” written in Chinese character with explanations in Korean. In the west is a building for memorial service and in the south is a gate.

Under the care of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Mausoleum of King Tongmyong was rebuilt wonderfully and it has been in good preservation. It is now making a positive contribution to educating our people in the national pride and dignity and patriotic spirit.