Jo Sep 10, 2023

The earth’s orbit around the sun is divided into 24 with a central angle of 15°. The 24 points were given names to be 24 divisions of the year.

Each month has two divisions. Although the dates differ one or two days every year, the central angle, that is, the position of the earth stays the same.

The names of the 24 divisions reflect the experiences accumulated in the course of nature study and life from olden times and the simple desire of our ancestors quite accurately.

Even in present days the divisions give a lot of help in everyday life and organizing agricultural production.

The names Chunbun, Chubun, Haji and Tongji are related to the length of the day and night while Ripchun, Ripha, Ripchu and Riptong refer to the beginning of four seasons.

Sohan, Taehan, Choso, Taeso, etc. describe the degree of coldness and warmth. Usu, Kogu, Sosol and Taesol are associated with the period of rainfall and snowfall.

Kyongchip represents revival of all things after winter while Chongmyong refers to the clearness of the sky.

Soman and Mangjong are directly connected with the farming season.