Jo Oct 6, 2023

The Pyongyang Bell, which was founded during the feudal Joson dynasty, is a precious legacy of national culture indicative of high creative wisdom of our people of those days.

The bell is 3.1 metres tall and about 13 tonnes heavy, with a 1.6 metre-wide mouth.

The present bell is said to have been refounded of bronze for approximately four months in 1726.

The bell looks harmonious, well-balanced and stately. The ring at the head that is shaped like a blue dragon and a yellow dragon entangled together looks so sophisticated and vigorous. With the most charming shape and the most solemn peal of the bells during the feudal Joson dynasty, the Pyongyang Bell has been known as the “attraction of Pyongyang” from olden times.

It was used for telling the time and sounding an alarm to the Pyongyang citizens.

President Kim Il Sung, who had accomplished the historic cause of national liberation, saw to it that the bell rang at 00:00 on January 1st, Juche 35 (1946), the first New Year’s Day after liberation so as to provide our people with greater renewed joy and excitement at the liberation.

The Pyongyang Bell serves as a precious national cultural legacy that gives a glimpse into the high-level metal processing and formative arts of our people and as a witness conveying the history of change of our country.