Jo Oct 11, 2023

From ancient times, our people enjoyed Chusok (Harvest Moon Day) playing a variety of folk games altogether.

The most interesting of them was ssirum. On the day, it was played on a large scale in every part of the country for a bull prize. Ssirum in Pyongyang was particularly well known across the country.

When ssirum was attracting men, swinging was popular among women. Swinging was widely spread in the care of our people and it was played on public holidays everywhere in the country.

Another popular pastime was singing and dancing where thirty or forty neatly-dressed women dance in a circle singing “Kanggang Suwollae”.

Thanks to our Party’s policy of protecting national heritage, the custom of all folk games on Chusok including archery, yut game, janggi (Korean chess) and tug of war is still being carried forward and developed in line with the socialist lifestyle and aesthetic tastes of the times.