Jo Nov 15, 2023

Among the valuable cultural legacies created by our nation is Sungryong Hall in Central District, Pyongyang City.

Sungryong Hall is a shrine first built in the fifteenth century during the feudal Joson dynasty. It was originally used for a memorial service for King Tangun, the founder of Ancient Joson, which was the first ancient state in our country’s history. Later, memorial services for King Tongmyong were also held here. The present building was rebuilt in the eighteenth century.

The original hall was made up of a main hall, two-kan servant’s quarters to the east and west with two one-kan doors each and a three-kan gate. Most of them were destroyed by the Japanese imperialist aggressors, with only the main hall and the gate survived. During the Fatherland Liberation War, they were badly damaged by the US imperialists’ barbarous bombing raids. Sungryong Hall is now restored to its original state. It is a valuable architectural legacy reflecting the architecture of the days of feudal Joson dynasty.