Jo Nov 3, 2017

The competition took place in the Kim Chaek University of Technology gym from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, Juche 106 (2017) with the participation of students from 12 universities, including the University of Sciences.

Fourth graders Ho Chol Rim, Ri Yu Gang, Sin Yong Min, Kim Hyo Song, Kim Ju Song and Chon Song Hak of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, 4th graders Kim Jun Il, Pae Myong Hyok, Yu Jong Hyok, Jang Song Ryong and Choe Ju Bom of the Faculty of Automation Engineering, 3rd graders Rim Song Ho and Kim Mun Gwan and 4th grader Pak Hun of the Faculty of Communications, 4th graders Choe Pok Nam and Cha Song Il, 3rd grader Chae Hyok Chol and 2nd graders Jong Hyon Uk, Ryu Jin Song and Ri Kye Song of the College of Information Science and Technology, were excellent at school and conducted brisk scientific research activities in the past. They fully displayed their high abilities taking first place in the contest and thus demonstrating their university’s endeavour to surpass the world in science and technology.