Jo Jan 7, 2024

The lunar New Year’s Day is a traditional holiday our people have celebrated from ancient times.

What is important in our people’s custom of celebrating the day is a variety of special dishes ― rice cakes such as glutinous rice cake, steamed rice cake and fancy rice cake, rice cake soup, several kinds of pancakes, fruit punch, fermented fish, roasted meat, etc.

What is the most special of all of them is a special fruit punch beverage called sujonggwa.

The fruit punch is a traditional drink made of dried persimmon, ginger, cinnamon, honey, etc.

Here are the steps to make fruit punch.

First, slices of clean ginger and cinnamon powder are boiled in separate pans.

When the aroma of ginger and cinnamon soaks out enough, they are removed from the pan. Then, the exudates are mixed before honey is added.

After that, a dried persimmon without any seeds is put in the mixture to be stored in a dry place for some time.

Finally, some pine nuts are floated when serving in a vessel.

The knowhow of making the fruit punch is to boil ginger and cinnamon separately as they might lose their own indigenous flavor by affecting each other.