Jo Mar 10, 2024

“Muyedobothongji”, printed from wood blocks in 1790, is an illustrated book of martial arts by Ri Tok Mu, Pak Je Ga, Paek Tong Su et al. where the traditional martial arts of our nation are comprehensively systemized.

The book illustrates 24 kinds of martial arts.

It is surmised that the illustrations were offered by Kim Hong Do, a famous painter of those days. Preceding books on martial arts were “Muyebo” descriptive of six kinds of martial arts written by Han Kyo in the sixteenth century and a book with addition of twelve more kinds to the six martial arts in the mid-eighteenth century.

“Muyedobothongji” has another addition of six kinds to them.

The book illustrates detailed moves of several fighting skills like swordsmanship, spearsmanship, archery, etc. on the ground and on a horse.

The book has a full collection of data related to Korean boxing that started in Ancient Joson, was improved in Koguryo age and was completed during the Koryo and feudal Joson dynasties.

This book is of weighty importance in showing the long history and superiority of the national martial arts created in our country, the cradle of Taekwon-Do.