Jo May 9, 2024

Steamed rice cake (paeksolgi in Korean where paek means ‘white’) is named after its colour which is as white as snow. It was first introduced as paeksolgo in “Kyuhapchongso”, a book of the early nineteenth century.

Snow-white steamed rice cake reflects our people’s honesty and faithfulness. Steamed rice cake has been regarded as indispensable for several occasions like a party given to a hundred-day-old baby, the first birthday of a baby, a wedding, etc.

The custom of preparing steamed rice for hundred-day-old babies is associated with parents’ wish for them to grow up healthily and honestly like snow-white steamed rice cake.

Sharing with neighbors the dishes including steamed rice cake prepared for the day, Korean people have exchanged congratulatory remarks and shared joy with one another for good harmony and unity. Such beautiful characteristics are still being handed down.