Jo May 11, 2024

Every country and every nation in the world have their own manners of salutation.

However, hardly any of them are like ours, which satisfactorily and clearly expresses politeness to people in different social standings and age ranges.

From olden times, our people have observed the proprieties by either making a deep bow or bowing their heads when they see or part from one another.

According to our greeting etiquette, a deep bow is supposed to be made to the elders and seniors respectfully with some polite words for their health, and a slight bow to the people of the same age. Lowering one’s heads is appropriate for greeting younger ones.

Josonjol, the morally superior, hygienically impeccable and cultured greeting manners of our own style, is the best of all.

How our country could be widely known to the world as a country of courteous people in the East is also attributable, to some extent, to the fact that the people had created and constantly developed such admirable greeting etiquette.