Jo Apr 24, 2019

The teaching staff and students of Kim Chaek University of Technology visited the birthplace of President Kim Il Sung at Mangyongdae on April 23 to mark the Day of the Sun.

First they lay bouquets of flowers before the tombs of Kim Po Hyong, the President’s grandfather, Ri Po Ik, his grandmother, Kim Hyong Jik, his father and Kang Pan Sok, his mother and observed a moment’s silence in humble reverence.

Then with the ardent yearning for the President, the savior of national restoration and the father of the socialist Korea, they looked round Mangyongdae revolutionary museum.

Looking at historic relics and data preserved with great care, they thought of the precious life of the President who devoted his all to the nation and people, with his brilliant ideological and theoretical intelligence, outstanding leadership activity and lofty virtue. They also remembered his revolutionary family members who succeeded to revolutionary and patriotic lineage generation after generation.

They stepped into the yard of the old home at Mangyongdae where the President was born and grew up to be a great revolutionary and looked with great impression at historic relics that showed revolutionary lifetime of him and his family members and their lofty virtue.