Jo May 4, 2019

The 34th National Sci-Tech Festival was held in the New Technology Innovation Hall of the Three-Revolution Exhibition from Apr. 23 to May 3, Juche108(2019).

Participated in this festival scientists, technicians and officials from 500-odd units of committees, ministries, central organs and provinces (cities and towns), which was held with the topic of “the spirit of self-reliance and the might of science and technology”.

The festival was classified into several fields including electric power, metallurgy, chemistry, machine-building, railway transport, light industry, agriculture, IT departments, where a lot of scientific and technological achievements made in ensuring domestic production of raw and other materials and equipment, and in making the productive processes modern and completing the independent structure of economy were displayed and presented, and exchanges of new technology and services of new products were also made.

Most of technologies on display from our university were accepted in the festival so as to win the special prize: a special prize to the “Integrated Production System of Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory”of Kim Ryong Su, a head of department of Automatic Engineering Faculty and two technologies, the first prizes to 8 technologies including “Secure I &A Management in Electric Power Supply and Cross Contract System”of Ri Su Chol, a head of College of Information Science and Technology and the seconds to 8 technologies including “Integrated Bridge System” of Hwang In Chol, a lecturer of Ship and Ocean Engineering Faculty.

Particularly, a research team whose boss is Ri Mu Chol, a head of Bio-engineering Institute won the collective special prize and the first prize by opening up the bright prospect for producing in our own way medical equipment and the vacuum evaporator, thus clearly demonstrating the strenuous efforts of our scientists who are fulfilling the mission of the eldest son university of the country.