Jo May 16, 2019

National Public Presentation Meeting and Exhibition of Welding Science and Technology was held from May 13 to 14 under the auspices of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Science and Technology of Korea.

This exhibition was attended by teachers, researchers, postgraduates and officials from scores of units including Kim Chaek University of Technology, the Welding Research Institute of the State Academy of Sciences, Pyongyang University of Architecture, Pyongyang University of Machine Engineering and Kumgang Refinery in Munchon.

They presented over 700 pieces of valuable papers and exhibitions that can be contributed to the research and development of welding methods and equipment and making welding materials Juche-oriented, upholding our Party’s idea of attaching importance to science and technology.

The “Inversion-style multi-functional welder”, which was newly invented by brainstorming, took the first place in team standings. The “Titanium slag linking welding rod” presented by Jong Song Gil, a teacher from the College of Materials Science and Technology, took the first place in the final standing of individuals. “Research on the titanium concentrate linking welding rod” by Ri Won Jun, a teacher from the College of Materials Science and Technology and other six papers took the second place. In addition, “Device for measuring the length of the electric arc” by Kang Yun Sok and other 3 pieces took the third place. Thus, KUT took the first place in total.