Jo Oct 19, 2019

The National Robot Sci-Tech Success Exhibition-2019 was held from Oct. 1 to 4 in the Sci-Tech Complex.

On display are different kinds of robots and their designs, mechanical parts, hardware and control programs researched and developed in several units including Kim Il Sung University, State Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Electronic Industry and our university in this exhibition which was held with the topic of “Making production processes robotize”

In this 10 odd proposals of our university were highly praised because they could make a great contribution to putting the national economy into modern and IT footing.

In particular, “Study on property of the 3-freedom parallel robot” of Song Myong Sob, a head of the Faculty of Mechanical Science & Technology and “Straight line roller-wheel all direction moving robot” of Ri Chang Sik, a teacher of the same faculty and “remote control visual-aid robot” of Kim Tae Myong, a head of the Faculty of Automation Engineering attracted the great attention of the visitors.