Jo Oct 22, 2019

The National Fair of Success in Realizing IT Industry-2019 was held in the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium from Nov. 1 to 7, where the success and IT products made in IT Institute of our university and other different units were highly appreciated.

On display were some 1 600 successes for realizing IT industry and IT achievements and IT products in this fair which were proposed by the committees, ministries, central organs, Scientific and Educational & Research Institutes, factories, enterprises, model units of putting into IT and IT Industrial units.

This fair which was held with the topic of “Digital Economy and a Fierce Flame of Realizing IT Industry” involved various forms of shows, AI programs contest, programming competition, presentation of new products and new technology, robots’ football games and also a service was given of exchanging IT technology.

“Animation toning Control Program” of Kim Tae Song, a head of Faculty of Information Science & Technology and 20-odd products were considered excellent and were awarded prizes.

“Audio recognizing program” of Rim Jin Yong, a head of IT Institute won the first place in the AI Program Contest as well as in the Programming Competition.

As a result, our university was chosen as one of the 10 model units in realizing IT industry in 2019 and Institute of IT and Faculty of Information Science & Technology as one of the best 10 IT Businesses and the program “Chambit(bamboo comb)-4.0” was recorded as one of the best 10 IT Products.