Jo Dec 7, 2022

Ri Kwang Su, a researcher at the Faculty of Earth Science and Technology, studied an evaluation method by real problem solution and applied it to “geology information processing” to evaluate the real ability of students scientifically, objectively and quantitatively by combining theory and practice, knowledge and intelligence.

The aim of this method is to improve the creative power, application ability and zeal for study of students and to ensure generalization, objectivity, fairness and quantitativeness of evaluation by combining theory and practice, subject examination and ability test.

This method belongs to objective and open testing methods that can be applied to classroom-teaching and it is the one that estimates students' ability quantitatively and absolutely from the viewpoint of the evaluation type of studying processes.

The gist of this method is to compose test problems and essay tasks so that students' ability can be estimated quantitatively, objectively and scientifically.

To apply this new method, he tried to give lectures upon the principle of improving their application faculties and make test questions and essay tasks on the subject in line with the contents of the subject.

It is an effective method that ensures the attainment of evaluation aim and the consistency of teaching contents and evaluation results thanks to the rational relationships between the contents and forms, evaluation modes and marking of tests and essays, teaching contents and process.