Jo Sep 14, 2023

Mun Chol Su, a researcher at the Faculty of Metal Engineering, has developed an analytical method and analytical instrument for analyzing rapidly and accurately group of pitch binder that used to take a long time.

Rapid and accurate evaluation of the quality of pitch binder used for electrode production is important for scientific production and active and timely quality control of products.

Group composition is a very important parameter for evaluating the properties of binders used for electrode production and for determining the appropriate process conditions, but long analysis time limits their wide application on production sites.

In order to reduce the time spent on group composition analysis, he employed a reduced pressure filtration method, and a method of simultaneous analysis with different solvents for one sample, thus greatly shortening the analysis time.

Then, he designed and manufactured an instrument for rapid analysis of the group composition to minimize errors made by unskilled analyzers and to prevent environmental pollution inside analytical chambers by organic solvents.

The instrument consists of a thermostatic dissolver, a suction filter, and an exhaust fan, and temperature measurement and time adjustment in each section are automatically controlled by a microprocessor.

The thermostatic dissolver is designed so that solvents and samples can be heated in a water bath at a specified temperature, and temperature measurement and temperature control are carried out by an intelligent PID thermostat.

The suction filter is designed to allow rapid filtration of dissolved pitch samples and solutions in the thermostatic dissolver under reduced pressure.

The exhaust fan is placed inside the instrument to discharge volatile organic solvent to the outside and to work all the time of analysis.

Now, it only takes about five hours for one analyzer to perform a group analysis that used to take over 50 hours, which means reduction in the consumption of labour and power.

The analytical method and instrument might help the factories and enterprises that use pitch as binder quickly and actively control their production processes in accordance with the changing conditions of raw material supply.