Jo Sep 15, 2023

A research team led by Song Yong Dok, a researcher at the Faculty of Distance Education, has developed a new analysis system based on face-image recognition for evaluating students’ study attitude.

The system can analyze students’ emotions by recognizing, detecting and verifying their face-images. Emotion affects study attitude to such a great degree that emotion analysis plays a big part in analysis of study attitude.

The system consists of image input module, image recognition module, emotion detection module, expression detection module, attitude analysis module, etc. In the image input module, images or real-time images taken by an IP camera and a Web camera are fed. In the image recognition module, one or more students are identified and feature points on their faces are extracted. In the emotion detection module, students’ main feelings are detected in 8 kinds including happy, sad and surprised and they are presented on value-charts. In the expression detection module, expressions like smile, laugh, blink, opened mouth, frowning, etc. are detected.

This system can put education management on a scientific basis by analyzing students’ study-attitude and automatically checking their attendance.