Jo Sep 18, 2023

A sharp rise in electric power transmitting capacity and distance makes it important to ensure the security of power transmission lines.

The major cause of most cutting accidents of transmission lines is vibration by wind. Transmission lines vibrate continuously owing to the Kalman effect by wind. This effect generates endurance fracture in the cross sections of transmission lines, resulting in the decrease in the life time of transmission lines.

Therefore, a lot of researchers installed anti-vibrators on transmission lines to reduce vibration amplitude largely.

Recent researches are not enough with vibration of a tower-transmission line-dampers system as a whole.

Choe Sun Bok, a researcher at the Faculty of Mechanical Science and Technology, has studied an analytical method for determining the correct solution for the forced vibration of a power transmission line-anti-vibrators system with flexible supports by wind, regarding a steel tower as a flexible body. On this basis, she has performed numerical calculations and compared the results with experimental values to verify the validity of the presented method.

Her method can be applied to determination of design parameters and installing places of anti-vibrators.