Jo Oct 29, 2023

A research team led by Kim Ju Song, a researcher at the Faculty of Mining Engineering, has established the process of concentrating anthracite coal by a selective crusher with suspended rings (SCSR).

The main part of this process is the newly manufactured selective crusher with suspended rings.

Several rings and a gear roller are the main crushing parts of selective crushing device with suspended rings and the rings are suspended from a suspension beam.

The materials fed into the crusher through primary screening move towards the suspended rings by the action of the gear roller. Their movement is restricted by the rings and they are open to the impacts by the gear roller. Then, coal of low strength is crushed and rocks of high strength pass round along the suspended rings.

As a result, the coal in the crushed product is mostly distributed towards small particle size and the rock is distributed towards large ones.

The particle size of mined raw coal ranges from 0 to 400 mm and about 8% of it is larger than 150 mm.

As the selective crushing device can be applied to 25~150mm particles, a mass of particles larger than 150 mm is first sorted from the front part of the screening process, and a mass of particles smaller than 25 mm is sorted by a sieve installed on the front part of the selective crusher.

Because of its simple structure and low manufacturing cost, it is easy to make. It provides high stability of operation and it is affected little by moisture.