Jo Oct 30, 2023

Displacement prediction of rock mass surrounding tunnels plays an important role in displacement back analysis for determining geotechnical parameters of rock mass and in-situ stress ratio, as well as safety monitoring and quality control for tunnel construction.

Han Un Chol, a researcher at the Science Engineering Institute, has presented a method to quickly predict the tunnel closure in time-dependent rock mass by using stable deformation rate for tunnels and the non-equidistance grey Verhulst model (NGVM).

Considering preceding studies, he determined the maximum stable deformation rate as 0.05 mm/d.

The proposed method was validated fairly through a case history for a new excavated drift of -600m level in an underground coal mine.

The result showed that NGVM seems to be a more powerful tool compared with non-equidistance grey model (NGM (1, 1)) for displacement prediction of tunnels in time-dependent rock mass.