Jo Nov 4, 2023

“Chronicles of the Feudal Joson Dynasty” is a “government journal” where the 500-odd-year history of the feudal Joson dynasty from 1392 to 1910 is recorded in order of year, month and date classified by the kings.

It is in 1 763 volumes and over 900 books.

“Chronicles of the Feudal Joson Dynasty” is classified by the kings into “Thaejo Sillok” (Chronicles of Thaejo), “Jongjong Sillok” (Chronicles of Jongjong), “Thaejong Sillok” (Chronicles of Thaejong), “Sejong Sillok” (Chronicles of Sejong), etc.

With huge amount and rich contents that could hardly be found in the world, “Chronicles of the Feudal Joson Dynasty” is a precious treasure of our nation.

During the hard-fought Fatherland Liberation War decisive of the destiny of the country, President Kim Il Sung saw to it that some officials were dispatched to Seoul to rescue the book amidst the gunfire and it was treasured at the Supreme Headquarters during the whole period of war.

Under the wise leadership of the great leaders possessed of ardent love for the nation, all the contents were translated into Korean, thus widely used these days for historical studies.