Jo Jan 18, 2024

NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor is widely used in industrial application for temperature measurement, control and compensation. The important problem in using NTC thermistor is to overcome its aging phenomenon.

Yu Nam Chol, a researcher at the Science Engineering Institute, has prepared Fe0.8Mn1.54Ni0.66O4 NTC material by the more convenient nitrate decomposition method, investigated the electrical properties of thermistors sintered at different temperature ranges, and determined the reasonable temperature and time and the effect of N2 annealing atmosphere on the aging behavior.

Observation of the microstructure and phase of this material indicated that it has compact and uniform spinel structure. He also found that the sample sintered at 1 200℃ was suitable for building a thermistor and that the aging behavior drops below 0.7% when it is under N2 heat-treating for 72 hours around 450-550℃.