Jo Feb 6, 2024

Ozone is very good at oxidizing bacteria, viruses, mold and other harmful organic substances existing in water and air by reacting with them.

The strong anti-bacterial effect of ozone is more and more expanding its application, and therefore many industries employ mass output ozone generation technology.

Environmental remediation by industrial application of ozone is a technology that uses germicidal ozone gases to obtain clean air and water and to improve the environment by disinfecting air, water, walls, hand tools, etc. contaminated with bacteria, viruses, organic and inorganic substances.

Many problems arise with industrial application of mass output ozone generators including stability of power supply and generator tube, enhancement of ozone generation efficiency, design of ozone gas mixers for energy efficiency enhancement and rational use of produced ozone, etc.

Won Chol Hyok, a researcher at the Faculty of Physical Engineering, has finally succeeded in making a mass output ozone generator with domestic materials by solving these problems through a lot of efforts.

First, he newly designed a discharge tube of the ozone generator. He chose ozone generation by dielectric barrier discharge and used quartz glass and alumina ceramic as dielectric material. The generator tube was designed to be cooled by water.

Next, power supply and control system were newly designed. He designed a new overvoltage absorption circuit to prevent device breakdown due to back EMF that could occur with increasing power of the ozone generator and made an experimental verification of its characteristics. In order to realize an intelligent control over the system, he used an embedded chip (STM32F series) for a control over power supplies, and adopted a new kind of control algorithm.

Finally, he designed a new type of ozone mixer. The ozone mixer, which is made up of venturi, mixing tank, pump and inlet-outlet pipelines, dissolves ozone into water.

The generator he manufactured can be applied to various fields such as drinking water disinfection, wastewater disinfection, aquaculture, poultry farming and so on.