Jo Nov 8, 2018

The research team from Metallic Engineering faculty realized the computer-control technology of the high-impedance super-high electric power steelmaking furnace and succeeded in the production process automation factories and enterprises in the metal industry field.

Ambitious for exploiting the cutting edge area of steelmaking-process automation, the research group challenged upon modern steel making technology, which is of great significance in the metal and machine industries.

They developed the system by each level for the control of the workshop, equipment and the program for inspection control designed and manufactured the equipments such as equipments of electrode lifting, power equipments and control board to make a successful computer-controlled trial operation.

They developed the control system software for mould streamline in our own way for trial automatic operation.

With the realization of the computer-control of the high-impedance super-high electric power steelmaking furnace, they have achieved higher level of furnace productivity and vitalized our metal industry.