Jo Jun 7, 2024

With the development of large CFB boilers, a cyclone separator with a downward gas exit that provides convenience for the construction and compact layout of boilers appeared. Later, a square cyclone separator was suggested for Π-arrangement in CFB boilers and for convenient installation of heat transfer surfaces on the inner separator walls.

Previous studies of the flow field in cyclone separators with a downward gas exit that focused only on the space between the vertex and the gas exit failed to get flow characteristics in each section of the separator.

Ryom Jun Ho, a researcher at the Faculty of Heat Engineering, has conducted a detailed simulation of the flow characteristics in a square cyclone separator with a downward gas exit.

He used the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) method to predict and evaluate the flow field and collection performance inside the square cyclone separator. In addition, he employed the Reynolds stress model (RSM) for flow field analysis in two cyclone separators with different dust exits.

The results demonstrate that the flow characteristics and collection performance of the square cyclone separator with a vertical dust exit are better than that with an inclined exit.