Jo Sep 15, 2017

Fifth grader Hong Chung Song, 4th graders Kim Song Il, Ri Kuk Song and Pak Il Bom and 3rd grader Han Kum Sok of the Faculty of Automation Engineering, 4th grader Nam Phyong Hyok of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and 1st graders Kim Kang Guk, Kim Song San and Rim Ju Song of the College of Information Science and Technology won special prizes in the contest held from Sep. 12 to 14, Juche 106 (2017) in Pyongyang University of Architecture.

The contest was participated in by 78 groups from 60-odd universities, including Pyongyang University of Architecture and the University of Sciences.

Like in the International Students’ Programming Contest, the competition was held in such a way that each group of 3 had to solve 10 easy and difficult problems such as that of calculating the days of the given dates, and those related to dynamic programming, divide and conquer, string processing, graph theory, data structure and solutions of simultaneously combinational equations.

Hong Chung Song, Kim Song Il and Kim Kang Guk of the 1st group put their heads together to solve the most difficult problems, which required the combination of graph theory and divide and conquer ahead of all other groups.

Ri Kuk Song, Pak Il Bom, Rim Ju Song of the 2nd group solved the complex problems preferentially, and Nam Phyong Hyok, Han Kum Sok and Kim Song San of the 3rd group helped one another to find answers to the problems presented.

As a result, students from Kim Chaek University of Technology solved the most problems, thus obtaining special prizes.