Jo Oct 17, 2019

The research group led by Rim Jong Ho, department head of Faculty of Biology and Medicine Engineering, have developed a computer-combined respiratory capacity measuring device and are working to further improve its efficiency.

By strenuous efforts they chose a convenient-to-use measuring method and designed the structure uniquely. Besides they managed to find out reasonable constant values that are suitable for the physical features of the children in our country and for making correct judgment of their physiological functions. Then they combined the device and a computer so that the measuring process can be monitored in real-time.

Thus, they were able to obtain respiration curves through the flow measurement of the respiratory process of human body and on the basis of this they determined tens of test indexes for respiratory capacity that can accurately assess the functions of lungs such as maximum expiratory capacity, one-round breathing capacity and maximum inspiratory capacity, thereby ensuring scientific diagnosis of respiratory diseases thoroughly relying on domestic equipment.

Since introduced in a hospital it has gained public favor for its convenience. It’s also being applied to education practice of several major subjects like “Biomedical information Processing”, “Digital Signal Processing”, “Neural Network” and so on.