Jo Jun 10, 2024

In recent years, motion analysis technology based on inertial measurement units (IMU) has been widely used in the field of sports science due to its advantages such as its low cost and good adaptability in both indoor and outdoor environments. Xsens MVN BIOMECH, one of the motion analysis technologies that are being widely used all over the world, generally uses several IMUs and processes the rotary motion or position changes of body segments quantitatively.

This technology has been applied to motion analysis in several sporting events including horse riding, ski, basketball, tennis, etc.

Choe Nam Chol, a researcher at the Faculty of Electronics, has applied it to the motion analysis of a table tennis player. As the upper limb plays an important role in the table tennis player’s motion using a racket, he set it as a target.

Every player has their own modality in 3D-changes of wrist, elbow and shoulder joints during the stroke of each type. Those unique modalities would be very important for managers to assess and improve each player’s performance. Therefore, he analyzed the modalities of individual players by using the motion analysis system.

First, he mounted four IMUs on the thoracic spine, the upper limb, the forearm and the back of the hand of a player to measure in real time the 3D-angles of rotation of three joints during the forehand, backhand and topspin forehand strokes. Next, he analyzed the motion pattern and the range of motion (ROM) of wrist, elbow and shoulder joints on the basis of the measured data.

The results showed that the proposed analysis method is effective for improvement of technical skills of players.